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Luigi - the groomed society - barbers to go TO

Mikka Gia attempts to strike an evolving relationship between what she sees, how it is captured and the emotions she is conveying. Gia is excited by the discovery of the unintended and unexpected. She is attracted to the photographic process of transforming a mental vision into something reflective of her reality. Mikka Gia has photographed stories for various fashion and beauty publications and now does portrait photography for various clients. she works with a strong professional team that compliments her esthetic from styling to makeup as well as hair if required.

Mikka Gia has shown to Toronto and New York and has participated in group photography exhibitions including the 10x10 Photography Exhibit held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto 2014 as well as 2010 Great LGBTQ Photo Show a the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City, NY

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