TGS Barber Battles – 2016 Series One

The TGS Barber Battle is an ongoing series of events that show off pure artistic talent of various Barbers around the world, and gives them a stage to compete in real time to claim grooming supremacy. The Barber Battle provides a real glimpse at the behind-the-scenes, highly charged environments in which todays grooming superstars create provocative and innovative designs.
The Battles expose talent, intelligence, and tenacity of these highly competitive barbering heroes.

This, bringing them front and centre like warriors to the enthusiastic support of their devotees and their clients.

Intense, loud, hectic…TGS Barber Battles truly embodies the fierce competitive nature of the grooming industry as the top barbers in the industry face off head-to-head (no pun intended) to compete for the ultimate bragging rights and credibility.
If you wish to participate or get more info on the Season One of The Barber Battles, contact us here.