Read what our customers have to say about Mikka at The Groomed Society.

Bernie L // I have been seeing Mikka for about a year now and hands down it's the best hair cut I've ever had. On top of it, her environment and manner makes everything complete. Works fast and exact and always able to accommodate my schedule with notice. I almost don't want to share this out of fear she will be harder to book, but she deserves it all.

Terry M // Mikka has been cutting/styling my hair and beard for just under a year. I've been searching for someone like her since moving to Toronto over ten years ago. In that time I've been to a lot of hairdressers but haven't had one who pays as much attention to the little details as Mikka does.


Trust me, she is very particular and you know you're getting the best when she's analyzing your hair from every angle to make sure it's just right.

She's totally open and comfortable with feedback too if you don't like something she's done. I've never felt awkward (as I have in the past) asking her to touch up an area or cut something differently if it's not quite what I want.
Her new studio space feels just like home! It's very welcoming especially when greeted at the door by her charming pup Mister Luigi. If you're lucky he'll even pose with you for a picture, but only after your hair's been done *wink*.
Now that I've found Mikka my search for Toronto's best hairstylist is over.

Dave N // I've followed Mikka through two different studios because her skill is simply unmet in Toronto. She has a great deal of passion for her work and it comes through in the final product. I highly recommend Mikka for a cut and style you will not regret.

Christopher C // I've had the pleasure of having Mikka be my barber (and at time confidant whether she wants to hear me bitch or not) for well over a year. I can confidently say she is the most talented and attentive barber I've ever had. More importantly, she is the best kind of people you can have around.

Cheryl T // Being a butch in this city is tough in so many ways, but one of those way is trying to get a nice fade. Usually most places only feel comfortable going a bit short, but never really as short as I want it. Most people state that they are concerned it will be too short for my gender. Are you kidding me? Have you seen me? Mikka gets it! Not only does she see a butch Daddy, but she knows I want the same fade as a dude!

Into the chair we go... Mikka is the most charismatic and charming mama ever! Makes you feel relaxed, at home and for me one of the boys! Mikka is always willing to fit me into appointments with my busy and hectic schedule while accommodating me and my Butch needs. Mikka is now my BFL (barber for life). Where she goes... this butch goes! Period!

Fil H // Mikka is a cut above the rest. By far the best haircut and experience I have ever had in the city!

Ron C // When it comes to looking good and feeling good, I can always count on Mikka at the Groomed Society to get it done. Whether you are looking to get your usual look or something new and fresh, Mikka's vision for what can work for you is an art that will have you leaving the studio 100% satisfied. Her meticulous attention to detail is impeccable and her overall vision for hair and styling is constantly evolving which makes her work suitable for those that want a classic look or for those that want something more trendy and fashion forward. More importantly, her artistry is all executed in a studio space that is warm, welcoming and unpretentious. You will not be disappointed, nor will you be able to resist her amazing sidekick Luigi. I highly recommend her for your next cut.