This 108 bead mala is all about being present in the moment and prepared for anything.

Handmade with natural Howlite, Labradorite, and Black Agate, and finished with a grey silk tassel, this mala is like having your own life coach with you. 



    • stimulates wisdom, and the desire for higher knowledge

    • assists patience

    • helps to eliminate rage, pain, and stress

    • calms communication

    • facilitates artistic expression

    • assists in connecting with spirit guides, and remembering past lives



    • assists in communication with Higher Self

    • constant Aura cleansing and protection

    • stabilizes energy

    • helps balance your “hustle” energy for your highest good


Black Agate

    • protects energy resources

    • grounds aura for protection

    • increases courage 

    • assists in pursuits of success



Beneficial for the Root, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, & the balanced expression of all Chakras


*bamboo cloth carry bag and Desert Rose (Selenite) cleansing/charging stone included

The Grounded to Go Mala