"Every human has something to offer this world; the question is will we create a society that can see everyone’s worth"

Mikka Gia, founder of TGS, has earned a reputation but none so crucial to her success as notoriously connecting and bringing individuals from various facets of life together for a common and beneficial purpose. By nature of business and personal journey, she has had the honour of crossing paths with many people and now she has ventured to bring their stories to you; further enriching and growing the links that form our Society.

Here, we showcase their narratives, lifestyles and opinions. They share their experiences, the key to their success and lessons learnt and their personal evolution. We create a chronicle and account that stands as a testament to that which we aim to do. More than just a barber shop, more than just a hair studio, more than just a brand. This is a culture, this is knowledge, and this is society.

The Groomed Society.